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Our Facility

Located in Bradenton, Florida, our facility offers the following services:

Clean Production

That is the challenge the retailer has given the grower-shipper. Market developments will make this essential in the future on a global scale. By maintaining a natural balance in the crop (from our greenhouse transplants to the field) using integrated crop protection, a combination of selective pesticides and biological agents. Biological agents are insects, mites and micro-organisms which as natural enemies keep pest organisms under control

Why Biological Control

By incorporating these agents in crop production economic damage to the crop can be prevented (less spraying) and there will be less damage to the land.

Increases in efficiency and productivity and an ease of working conditions are other reasons for integrated crop protection.

Integrated crop protection using biological control requires the grower to monitor the natural balance between pest organisms and control products contantly. A clean product is good for the grower, the environment, the retailer and the consumer.

We at C&D, along with many of our customers, are strong supporters of clean production of fruits and vegetables from the greenhouse, field, retailer and consumer.